I am married to a man with a very huge peen. It’s 9″ long and about 6.5″ thick when fully erected. I know because we were asked to measure it when we visited the hospital. We have a very active s*x life and my husband is very good and gentle in bed. However, because of the size of his peen, he always sees to it that I’m fully aroused before any bed dancing. Romance is a “BIG DEAL” if he wants to come in, which he’s very good at since I need to be very wet (which I do) for easy penetration.

My hubby loves s*x a lot. I mean he loves to be inside me. If it would take him hours to get me aroused for s*x, he’s ever ready, just to get what he wants. He makes love to me every single day and sometimes twice a day. I orgasm twice within a single intercourse before my hubby anytime we make love but despite our great s*x life, I also get bruised a lot.

We agreed to reduce the number of times we have intercourse to a few times a week since it drains me out sometimes and I’m a stay-at-home mother working from home, still I get bruised.